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Categorizing the Music at Tomorrow’s Cricket Cemetery Showcase

D.C.’s Cricket Cemetery label hawks emerging hardcore and indie punk with defiant swagger. Its lack of a prevailing studio ideology is served well when the imprint rolls the dice on, say, a meticulous, structured EP that aims for harmonies. Make no mistake, the label's showcase at Black Cat Saturday will be loud, but also fair and [...]

ToDo ToDay: The Grownest and the Sexiest

Once upon a time in D.C., if you heard someone over 40 saying they were “going to a go-go,” you might’ve assumed that person was just singing a little Smokey Robinson. With the notable exception of Chuck Brown performances, go-go shows weren’t especially hospitable to 35-and-over fans in the early 1990s. It seemed that while [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: David Swinson, Astro Boy, Tender Thrill

Chris Heller leads the arts section with his profile of David Swinson, a former punk-rock booker, failed Hollywood producer, and ex-MPD detective who's just released his debut crime novel.  Chris Klimek writes ecstatically of Astro Boy and the God of Comics, a new work about the classic manga character and his creator at Studio 2ndStage. [...]

Play “Find the Rock Riff” With Tender Thrill’s Debut LP

There's something familiar going on throughout Tender Thrill's debut LP. "All Night," the record's ballsy 10-minute opener, lifts the crunchy riff and rock-classicist rhyme scheme from Bruce Springsteen's "Ramrod."  "Geena" has to be a Ramones pastiche. "In Black" borrows from Elvis. "The Last Mile" could be Patsy Cline, but slowed to sludge. Where War on Drugs [...]