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ToDo ToDay: Temple Grandin! Boris!

Chances are, few Americans regularly consider the treatment of animals on their way to slaughter. But if we all watched the 2010 HBO biopic Temple Grandin, that might change. Grandin radically altered how livestock is treated nationwide based on her extensive research in animal neurology, but when she speaks at Sixth & I tonight, she won’t [...]

Moby and Miyun Park Talk About Meat, Road Food, and Temple Grandin

In which two individuals (one an electronic music enthusiast/celebrity/bald hero, the other the executive director of Washington, D.C.'s Global Animal Partnership) provide frustratingly brief answers via e-mail through their publicist to thoughtful questions asked via email through their publicist about Gristle, their new book project, which their questioner assumes is about how meat-eating and factory-farming [...]