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ToDo ToDay: Cecily Strong! Teething Veils! Carolyn Malachi!

Rookies tend to fade into the background on Saturday Night Live. But Cecily Strong broke out playing the Weekend Update panelist "The Girl You Wish You Hadn’t Started a Conversation With at a Party." Her slurred speech, Smartphone-checking, and condescending yet uninformed moralisms ape the behavior of a well-intentioned George Washington University freshman after a few [...]

Listen: Teething Veils’ “Cobblestone”

When Greg Svitil played in the band The Antiques, he had a lyric about "kissing a teething veil," a reference, he told Washington City Paper in 2007, to a monstrous face cast created by the sculptor Marisol Escobar. For a few years now, Teething Veils has also been the name for his solo work—a sparse, acoustic project [...]