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Arts Roundup: What a Drag Edition

Plus: the Museum of the Bible under investigation for allegedly having illicit artifacts.

Arts Roundup: Feast Your Ears Edition

Plus: Local fuzz-pop trio Teen Mom releases their final album.

This Year’s Fort Reno Shows, Sponsored by…

Bang Salon presents: Foul Swoops, Coup Sauvage & the Snips, Golden Looks, Beauty Pill

Head to Head: Brandon vs. BRNDA

"Nothing during Prohibition was better. Literally nothing: the air, the science, the sexual norms, the music, nothing."

ToDo ToDay: Belleville, Krill, and Piraguas

Head to someone else's house for live music tonight.

Listen: Teen Mom’s “I’m In Love With His Dreams”

Teen Mom carved out a nice, fuzzy indie pop niche two years ago with its debut EP Mean Tom. The band’s continued to tinker with their sound since, exploring shoegaze à la the Jesus and Mary Chain and Ride on 2013’s Gilly.
Today, the band released its latest single, “I’m In Love With His Dreams,” marking another venture into new sonic territory. [...]

ToDo ToDay: Cymbeline, John Legend, and Raw Oyster Cult

Cymbeline is to Shakespeare’s canon what the Dangerous album is to Michael Jackson’s—underrated, eclipsed by bigger hits, but well worth revisiting. The play, one of the Bard’s earliest, follows a convoluted series of events that span a royal kidnapping, a cruel stepmother, and the Roman invasion of Britain. All 14 characters in Fiasco Theater's production at the Folger [...]

ToDo ToDay: Mutual Benefit, JD Samson & MEN, and Brenda

Mutual Benefit's lush new record, Love's Crushing Diamond, is less an album of folk songs than a collage of sounds, some melodic, some extraneous, but all equally vital in telling a story of love, heartbreak, and emotional maturity. Opening track “Strong River” begins as a soft array of strings, guitars, bells, and drums before elevating into [...]

ToDo ToDay: The 25 Project, Titus Andronicus, and Crafty Bastards

Brandon Hill and Peter Chang didn’t start their buzzed-about art and lifestyle company No Kings Collective at the District of Columbia Arts Center (DCAC), but they did get their start there. To help celebrate the upcoming 25th anniversary of DCAC, No Kings Collective has organized The 25 Project. The two-day exhibition features 25 D.C. artists, [...]

You! Come to Our Show With Janel and Anthony and Teen Mom at the American Art Museum

Here we are, a couple of days from the weekend, and you're looking for some musical happy-hour plans—good. On Friday, Washington City Paper is collaborating with the Smithsonian American Art Museum's Luce Foundation Center (not for the first time!) on this month's installment of the Luce Unplugged series. For the event, we picked two of our favorite [...]