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Here’s Who’s Playing Fort Reno This Year (UPDATE)

Fort Reno is happening.

Photos: Witch Coast, Teen Liver, Midriffs and Littlefoot

Witch Coast at 453 Florida, June 5th.

ToDo ToDay: Fuck Buttons, Cody ChesnuTT, and Union BBQ

Fuck Buttons is an uncensored group—and that goes beyond FCC-fineable offenses. The duo from Bristol, England, creates mysterious electronic assaults that haunt listeners on its latest album, Slow Focus. Tracks like “Year of the Dog” are aural hellscapes decked in ominous choruses, manic strings, and pulsating synth tones. Despite the dark tone, the album retains a [...]

ToDo ToDay: Fanfare Ciocărlia, A New Wine Bar, and So Much Local Music

The village of Zece Prăjini, in northeastern Romania, sits between the middle of nowhere and the Moldovan border. Which makes it the perfect locale for the world music origin story of Fanfare Ciocărlia: Discovered by a traveling German sound engineer in 1996, the band would become one of the most commercially successful Romani brass ensembles [...]

ToDo ToDay: Recycled Orchestra, Coathangers, and Diarrhea Planet

A three-minute teaser trailer on Cateura, Paraguay's Landfill Harmonic went viral earlier this year and touched the spirits of many people, even those who never gave classical music, extreme poverty, or recycling much thought. These youngsters scavenged material from the dump upon which their slum is essentially built and fashioned cellos, violins, and other instruments [...]

ToDo ToDay: Bottled Cocktails! Tracks Reunion!

The Ninety Miles project wasn’t just about the three American musicians involved with it and the fact that they traveled to Cuba to lay down some tracks. Really, it was a recording-studio summit between saxophonist David Sánchez, trumpeter Christian Scott, vibraphonist Stefon Harris, and Havana-based pianists Rember Duharte and Harold Lopez-Nussa, made possible by recently [...]

ToDo ToDay: The Revival Tour! Craft Brewers! Watsky!

The fate of the aging punk has dominated the cultural dialogue lately, but please, save your tears for the punk lifers. Many have ambled onto an alternate career path: boozy acoustic troubadour. One result of this transition is the Revival Tour, a showcase for aging singer-songwriters well-versed in the drunken shout-a-long. Leading the operation is [...]

ToDo ToDay: Os Kuduristas, Passing Phases, The Whale, and Nature

Five-piece Angolan dance troupe Os Kuduristas aims to bring kuduro—an electronic genre that melds African polyrhythms with Caribbean soca and four-on-the-floor techno—to the rest of the world. Tonight, after a demonstration and workshop, the Kuduristas take on D.C. hip-hop dance crews Urban Artistry and Lionz of Zionz, with music provided by D.C. DJs Sol Power [...]

One Track Mind: Teen Liver, “Good For Your Health”

Standout Track: No. 4, “Good For Your Health,” a wobbly basement rocker with a hint of backwoods weirdo vigor. Guitarist and singer Perry Fustero punches out power chords while he rattles off things that do not do a body good, like being paranoid all the time. From there, it gets a little stranger. Brothers John and [...]

Listen: Bluebrain’s Hays Holladay Records 14 D.C. Acts for Rainbow Arcade

Earlier this year, Bluebrain member Hays Holladay decided to shut down Iguazu Sound, the Arlington recording studio he'd operated since 2010. Before he locked up for the last time, Holladay put out a call to local bands interested in recording a single song in three hours. "The goal is to come up with unexpected results utilizing all [...]