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Will the Bloomberg Balloon Violate the D.C. Height Act?

The answer's no, according to Liz Diller, principal of Diller Scofidio + Renfro, the architecture firm that designed the Bloomberg Balloon, even though it'll be taller than 130 feet tall once it's inflated. In a TED Talk posted in April, Diller talks about how her firm came to the award-winning design. She gets into a [...]

This TEDx Thing Is Getting Out of Control

Attention, idea-starved masses! There are, like, so many ideas coming to town this month.
Since the founding of the TED conference (slogan: "Ideas worth spreading") in the 1980s, the event has hosted speeches by dozens of intellectual luminaries from across the globe. But TED is also a franchise, and this month, there are three distinct "TEDx" conferences taking place [...]

Analyzing the “About” Page of thirst DC

Apparently these thirst DC events are "like TED but with music and booze." That's another way of saying that they're happy hours where people get up and talk. And everybody has to pay $15 to get in! That's a tough sell, whether you're a TED person or not. In situations like this, an organization's About [...]