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Why Slate Is Wrong About D.C.

On Wednesday, Slate published a piece by Matthew Yglesias about why D.C. is, essentially, a terrible place for young, creative people to live.
The article has since flown about social media, causing many a sad emoticon and, apparently, excessive vomiting. The jab is all the more painful because there is some truth to it–D.C. is [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Choked to Death on Someone Else’s Vomit

Fans of This Is Spinal Tap will understand why today is Nigel Tufnel Day: 11/11/11 honors the lame-brained rocker who had his amp’s knobs specially made to go to 11, ostensibly giving him more sonic power than the ordinary scrubs whose volume maxed out at 10. The joke still works, even if today’s music fans don’t [...]

At Austin Festival, Wugazi Gets Higher Billing Than Actual Fugazi Member

Austin's renowned Fun Fun Fun Fest announced its killer line-up today. The festival looks to be one of the year's best, replete with  throwbacks like Public Enemy and Hum alongside newcomers Girls and Major Lazer. There's no shortage of quasi-D.C. punks like Henry Rollins and Ted Leo either. The biggest surprise, of course, is Wugazi. [...]

Photos: Ted Leo @ Black Cat Backstage

Saturday's sold out show at the Black Cat Backstage was the last night of Ted Leo's current solo tour, and Leo seemed downright giddy. Leo regaled the audience with Paul Stanley quotes about concert participation, name-checked all of the cool bands who had opened for him this tour, led the crowd in an enthusiastic acoustic [...]

Photos: What D.C. Looked Like at SXSW

D.C. was well-represented this year at South by Southwest, with a ton of local bands present at showcases like DC Does TX and others. Amid the massive festival's insanity, I caught a sampling of D.C. talent, from These United States and Wild Flag (featuring Mary Timony) to Ted Leo (hey, he lived here for a while) and Bad Brains. Shooting the [...]

Indie Goes Punk (Again)

As you're well aware by now, the nostalgia-fueled dance-pop orgy that brought MGMT to such great heights is waning. The bands that sold their guitars to buy turntables are now selling their turntables to buy guitars. With the renewed appreciation of badass rock 'n' roll, naturally comes a rediscovery of Michael Azerrad's punk-rock bible, Our [...]

The Inspired Casting for The New Pornographers’ “Moves” Video

Forget dissecting last night's Super Bowl commercials. The clip to watch today is The New Pornographers' video for "Moves," the power ballad that leads off last year's album Together. None of the New Pornos themselves appear; instead, we are treated to some truly ingenious stunt casting as a gallery of comedians and other musicians stand [...]

The Top 10 Rock ‘n’ Roll Tracks of 2010, According to Ryan Little

Lists are inexplicably difficult yet undeniably crucial for music nerds. We have to sum up the events of the year with numbers and bullet points or our brains melt and our hearts explode. Sad but true. It's been in fashion of late to be more eclectic with lists, including everything from drone-core to bubblegum pop [...]

His Cover’s Blown: A Chat with A.V. Club Editor Josh Modell

Ted Leo And The Pharmacists cover Tears For Fears
What constitutes a good cover? Over the last five months, the endearingly opinionated commentariat over at The Onion’s A.V. Club have publicly debated their merits and pitfalls below each installment of Undercover, its 25-week web series. The premise: Bands cram into a quaintly claustrophobic studio to perform selections [...]

Far Out vs. Hot Dang, Vol. 2

Ooh yeah, we're back for another week. Know your history. If you're too lazy to click on that link, here's the gist: Last week we described Far Out vs. Hot Dang as "a weekly assemblage of whatever we hear rattling around in D.C.’s cultural chasm." The cool side is still cool, but a little funky, [...]