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SHOWDOWN: U.S. Royalty vs. American Royalty

Alas, there is no street beef between the bands U.S. Royalty and American Royalty. There are only questions: Which band is more regal? Which one best represents the U.S. of A.? Sadly, this AWESOMELY EXCLUSIVE CHART doesn't help much:




Slightly tarnished AM gold
with literary aspirations
Mildly eccentric indie-electro
with pop tendencies


Mirrors LP
Matchstick EP (out Feb. [...]

Richie Hawtin @ U Street Music Hall: Hail the Grownup

If the assumption is that Richie Hawtin knows exactly what he's doing at any given time, then it's obvious that he brought Minus labelmate Gaiser along on this mini-tour for a reason. At the U Hall last night, Gaiser played the role of respectful mischief-maker, taking the deliberate thud-thud-thud of minimal techno and pumping it [...]

“We All Came from Punk Bands”: A Chat with Beautiful Swimmers

With the opening of U Street Music Hall and the proliferation of forward-thinking DJ nights, you may have noticed an influx of electronic music in D.C. over the past few years. As a label owner, producer, and musician, Andrew Field-Pickering of the Future Times label has been a crucial player in much of this. He [...]

Tonight: Kompakt DJ/Producer Michael Mayer at U Street Music Hall

The 38-year-old German DJ Michael Mayer, who will be spinning and mixing music at the U. Street Music Hall tonight, is not just another techno artist. Mayer is one of the founders of Kompakt, a Cologne-based label, record store, distributor, and more, as well as a go-to source for many aficionados of programmed, stripped-down club [...]

Steve Summers: “Dreaming in Color”

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From Steve Summers' Jack Flash EP, out now on Clone Records.

Future Times Techno-Conciousness Event @ Dahlak

If all you wanted for Christmas was a few hours to cut loose to afro-futurist-house and body music, then I'm guessing that Santa probably stiffed you. Luckily, Future Times has you covered. The DC-based record label will be holding its first ever label event this Saturday night, which will feature live performances by Maximillion Dunbar [...]