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Maya Angelou: An Interview

When it comes to rating writers, Maya Angelou is a national treasure. Over the course of more than 50 years as an author and poet, she has produced some of the most poignant, insightful, and inspirational commentary about her own life and the evolution of America. Her 1969 autobiography, I Know Why The Caged Bird [...]

Arts Roundup: Required Uniform Edition

Morning, all! If anyone can determine below in comments the reference I'm making in the hed, which also ties in with one of the items in my post, you'll win a fabulous prize my admiration.
Every month, I eagerly anticipate the arrival of Vanity Fair in my mailbox, because Vanity Fair is awesome. And it's already [...]

Meet a Visiting Cartoonist: A Chat with Ted Rall

Editorial cartoonist Ted Rall used to appear regularly in the City Paper’s pages, but in recent years he’s expanded beyond "just" being an "alternative" cartoonist. He writes a weekly syndicated editorial, just returned from Afghanistan where he was practicing cartoon journalism (with cartoonists Matt Bors and Steven Cloud), and has a new prose book, The [...]

Arts Roundup: The Tea Partiers Are Coming Edition

Good morning, D.C.! City schools started up yesterday: How's it feel to say goodbye to summer and get back on that education grind? Godspeed to all Teach for America instructors, really.
The Howard Theatre turned 100 to much fanfare this weekend. Yesterday, the Comcast commercial starring everyone's favorite independent cafe without a liquor license dropped. Aaron Morrissey finds it [...]

Silverdocs: A Conversation with HolyWars Filmmaker Stephen Marshall

Stephen Marshall is a Canadian filmmaker, author, and entrepreneur. His new documentary HolyWars follows two men fiercely devoted to their respective faiths. Aaron is an American missionary who travels to the world’s most dangerous places in his quest to save souls. Khalid is a devout Muslim convert of Irish origin who sympathizes with the Taliban [...]