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Arts Roundup: Alec Baldwin Edition

Harry Jaffe suspects the Washington Post missed out on this year's Pulitzers because it's getting too aggregate-y. He also has some thoughts on resigned journo Elizabeth Flock. [Washingtonian]
Alec Baldwin on arts funding: "I’d spend a billion each on the NEA and NEH." [Post]
A crazy interview with Arias With a Twist co-creator Joey Arias [Brightest Young Things]
TBD on [...]

Arts Roundup: Washingtonian Quittin’ Time Edition

Another One Bites the Dust: Does Washingtonian have a retention problem? Kyle Gustafson (disclosure: a former colleague) has announced that he's leaving his post as the magazine's online editor. "It wasn't working out for either party," he tells TBD. His departure comes just five months after he started; the website's previous editor, Sommer Mathis (also a [...]

Reissues Prove Edsel Was Actually Relevant

Next week Universal will reissue Nirvana's Nevermind to celebrate the album's 20th anniversary, which will put a nice cherry on top of the grunge-nostalgia sundae folks seem so eager to devour lately. But as anyone who lived in Seattle in the late '80s and early '90s—or anyone who spent a couple hours Googling bands after [...]

Arts Roundup: Greener Pastures Edition

In Through the Out Door: Yesterday, the Washington Post announced two significant personnel changes. First, editor Erik Wemple will leave the beleaguered Allbritton website to blog about media and politics under Editorial department leader Fred Hiatt. Second, Style section editor Ned Martel—amidst ongoing rumors of drama and conflict in his section—will transition to covering [...]

Arts Roundup: Well, That Was Weird Edition

Didn't Detect That One Coming: Baltimore club Sonar, a hangout for lovers of alternative dance music and death metal, abruptly shut down yesterday following a dispute between its owners. Sonar staff made the announcement on Facebook: "We here at Sonar regret to inform you that we are no longer able to operate as a venue. [...]

Arts Roundup: Cancelation Edition

For anyone planning on attending tonight's Linkin Park concert at the Verizon Center ,well, I guess you'll have to find other plans. Lead vocalist Chester Bennington is ill, and the band is canceling the show. Refunds will start being issued tomorrow. Somehow I don't think this is going to affect too many of you.
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Arts Roundup: Live Music Returns to DC9 Edition

Morning, all. Hope you navigated your way through last night's snow okay. I'm sure some of you have the day off as a result. Whether you're off or whether you're working, hope your day's a good one.
TBD's Sarah Godfrey reports that DC9 will begin hosting concerts again in March. The club announced on Twitter that [...]

Arts Roundup: Old News Edition

Last night my colleague Jonathan L. Fischer checked out the Moombahton Massive 2 at U Street Music Hall, headlined by the genre's creator, Dave Nada. Nada, the subject of Fischer's cover story a few weeks ago, was back in town from L.A., where he moved last year. I can't guarantee any post-event coverage on the [...]

Arts Roundup: We’re Bigger than Wyoming Edition

Christmas is on the doorstep, and in the spirit of the season, the accusations are flying. Nina Totenberg hates Christmas! (Wait! She doesn't!) TBD is gay! Donovan McNabb can't get any respect!
In WaPo this morning, Peter Marks writes up the Jewish drag-queen holiday revels of Kinsey Sicks running at Theater J through Jan. 2. OK, so [...]

Art Basel Miami Beach: Like Burning Man Without the Dust and Hippies?

An extremely unscientific and unthorough aggregation of Art Basel Miami Beach coverage by D.C. outlets reveals the following quotes:
We Love DC: "A typical day at Art Basel consisted of the following.  Wake up at 9AM, grab coffee and breakfast at the 11th Street Diner, spend the next six or so hours soaking up as [...]