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Check Out Two Inch Astronaut’s Awesome Taylor Swift Cover

'Cause when you're 15 and somebody tells you they love you...

Tales From the Swift

As I learned Sunday night, a Taylor Swift concert is its own ecosystem with its own natural order. Bathed in blue light at a sold-out Verizon Center, the sweet-voiced, ginger-haired Ed Sheeran is elevated to the rank of Dear Leader; children are both marketed to and disregarded; moms sport Taylor Swift back patches; and everyone, at some [...]

Interns: So Naïve!

Note: This is a one-time-only deal in which we ask our interns (who are almost literally infants) to talk about how young and inexperienced they are. Stephanie Haven’s mommy says she’s an editorial intern for Washington City Paper. Haven knows she’s the best journalist around town because her mommy told her that, too.
I was 12 [...]

Arts Roundup: Millions Edition

Worried about the funding of the Smithsonian with the Republicans controlling the House? Maybe the $30 million gift from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will put your mind at ease. The gift will go toward online educational programs targeted for underserved communities.
First 9:30 Club launched its own record label; now Jammin Java. The Go! Team label's [...]

Photos: Taylor Swift @ Verizon Center

Yesterday was the first night of Taylor Swift's sold-out two-night stand at the Verizon Center. Swift played all of her hits with some crowd-pleasing gimmicks thrown in—namely, playing a few songs in the middle of one of the lower-level concourses, surrounded by fans, then making her way down to the floor and playing to the [...]

Arts Roundup: Tweet-Sourcing the Grammy Awards Edition

Good morning! Last night: the Grammy Awards! I probably should've watched the show, seeing as last year's was the most enjoyable Grammy ceremony since, well, ever. Instead, I'll be Tweet-sourcing today's roundup, courtesy of @citypapermusic. A few highlights:

Lady Gaga AND Elton John? Be still, my beating heart. #grammys
And the winner of Song of the Year goes [...]