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The Sleigher: Crystal Antlers’ “10,000 Watts”

HO HO WHO: Long Beach’s psychedelic punk band Crystal Antlers hold the dubious distinction of having its debut album, 2009’s Tentacles, be the last new release on famed Chicago indie Touch & Go. Label-less, the band spent a summer in Mexico for inspiration and the sunshine seems to have paid off: Crystal Antlers emerged [...]

Arts Roundup: Fashion Week Edition

Morning, all. I'm not feeling particularly witty or pithy right now, so let's just get right to it and take a look at the world of arts and entertainment.
Remember that terrible song "Summer Girls" from the late '90s by that band with the weird acronym-y name, LFO? Well, the band's singer, Rich Cronin, died yesterday [...]

Off Target: Retailer’s Designer Lines Tough to Find in D.C.

Good luck finding these Cynthia Vincent shoes: they're not
available online or at the Columbia Heights Target.
The ads in glossies and on TV have got you pumped. You've previewed the collection on your favorite fashion blog. You go online the day the collection is released and it's already sold out. What the fuck?, you think. This [...]

The Hirshhorn Bubble: Audacious, but Is It Art? Our Critics Weigh In

If Hirshhorn Museum Director Richard Koshalek gets his way—and it seems he will—then beginning in 2011 the National Mall will get a pretty striking makeover. Well, at least for two months a year.
News of the plan to install a giant bubble atop the Hirshhorn—the inflatable, removable, 145-foot structure would snake through the museum's central courtyard—broke [...]

The John Waters Interview: Sheila Dixon, Teabagging, and Blowing Up the Three Kings

Some people just don't like Christmas. Baltimore Director John Waters knows this, and has taken it upon himself to help such people through the holiday season with his spoken-word performances, in which he elaborates on why you can love or hate–but  can't possibly ignore–Christmas. In anticipation of his show at the Birchmere (which, sadly, is [...]