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ToDo ToDay: Paint Branch, Alarms & Controls, and Boss Shepherd’s Opens

When I found out that the Fort Reno concert series would continue after a brief threat of cancellation, I was relieved. It’s funny, though, that the concert series evokes nostalgia in me for something I never saw: Q and Not U’s searing 2005 farewell concert. And no matter how hard I wish, the band just [...]

Here’s Who Might Have Played Fort Reno This Summer

This summer's Fort Reno concert series is off, organizer Amanda MacKaye announced today after she was unable to resolve a permitting dispute with the National Park Service and U.S. Park Police. Not long before MacKaye posted a letter to Fort Reno's website, she wrote to members of more than 20 local bands about the disappointing news—presumably the bands she [...]

ToDo ToDay: Jewish Stories, Pleasure Curses, and Fainting Goat

By the seventh night of Hanukkah, you might tire of spinning dreidels and eating latkes and chocolate gelt. So put the carbo-loading and gambling on hold and embrace that other Hanukkah tradition: storytelling. SpeakeasyDC returns to Sixth & I Historic Synagogue for the fifth iteration of “My So-Called Jewish Life,” in which seven area residents, [...]

ToDo ToDay: Talk It! Attacca Quartet Honors John Adams!

Full disclosure: Talk It’s Andrew Beaujon is the former managing editor of Washington City Paper. “Full disclosure” could also be a mission statement for the trio. A description on record label Teen-Beat’s website points out that the band plays clean and is unencumbered by fancy effects. But Talk It is more than the sum of its [...]

ToDo ToDay: Nick Offerman, The Evens, and a Race Symposium at the D.C. JCC

"Ham" isn’t the first word you’d use to describe the comedy of Parks and Recreation star Nick Offerman. He’s more about folksy, faux-masculine deadpan. When he brings the show to the Warner Theatre, he’ll deliver observations from his years in show business, plus a few references to the Parks and Rec gags that have dominated certain segments [...]

One Track Mind: Talk It, “Cluck-Cluck”

Standout Track: No. 2, “Cluck-Cluck,” the title track on Talk It’s debut EP on Teen-Beat Records, the longtime Arlington indie-pop label now based in Cambridge, Mass. Emily Rickman’s twinkling Fender Rhodes keyboard starts things off; soon, the band revs its engine and locks into a groove. John Rickman’s steady drumming helps smooth the tune’s transitions [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Humanitini

In this city of wonks, many of which champion proper urban development, it’s no surprise that barstool chatter often slips into detailed debate over transportation issues: bike lane placement, driving versus taking the Metro, the need to develop walkable communities, and so on. What isn’t so usual is when the company involved includes some of [...]