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Enter Ophelia, distracted at Taffety Punk Theatre Company, Reviewed

Kimberly Gilbert is one of the most versatile, fearless and reliably thrilling actors in Washington. Whether she’s playing the spinster held hostage by her wicked mother in The Beauty Queen of Lenane or an everyone’s-a-little-bit-racist gentrifier in Clybourne Park,or a shellshocked survivor of an environmental apocalypse in Mr. Burns, or a Victorian woman receiving surprisingly [...]

Taffety Punk Debuts Its Shorter, Lower-Tech Rape of Lucrece

Don't let its edgy name fool you. Taffety Punk, the troupe of actors, musicians, and dancers behind scrappy projects like "Bootleg Shakespeare," are unquestionably loyal to Shakespeare's work. But that doesn't mean they can't also set it to a blistering soundtrack.
This evening at Sidney Harman Hall, the company performs its take on one of Shakespeare's [...]

Crazy for Dance, Eh? Three Weekends of Movement, Courtesy of Taffety Punk

One of the more interesting—one of the only, in fact—crossovers between dance and theater currently going on in D.C. is the work of Taffety Punk Theatre Company, which has been featuring dance in its productions since its earliest performances in 2006.
Last year, the group sponsored a weekend-long improvisation workshop led by a bunch of talented [...]

Tonight: Hugh McElroy Does A Capella!

The holidays can be unbearable for a whole host of reasons, but the most grating has to be that wintry form of a capella—caroling. This won't be like that.
D.C. music fixture Hugh McElroy—formerly of Black Eyes, Horses, and Hand-Fed Babies, and these days of Cephalopods and Ruffian Records—will perform a special, mostly a capella solo set tonight at [...]

Taffety Punk’s A Q&A With Director Marcus Kyd

Taffety Punk Theatre Company’s—opening tonight—combines a lot of potentially cringe-worthy elements: death, modern dance, and people who seek empathy on the Web. But the new play, directed by Marcus Kyd, uses actual quotes from online suicide forums detailing last goodbyes to suicide techniques and offers a compelling synthesis of text, dialogue and dance. With [...]