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ToDo ToDay: Taffety Punk Goes Punk

Most of the time, the second word in Taffety Punk Theatre Company’s name refers strictly to ethos: The troupe is all about doing things cheaply, inventively, and—when it comes to form and subject matter—bravely. But occasionally its productions are more literally punk, which might have something to do with the fact that company principal Marcus [...]

The Riot Grrrls Shakespeare Production of Much Ado About Nothing, Reviewed

Much Ado About Nothing is one of William Shakespeare’s few comedies to eschew the trope of having a woman spend most of the show disguised as a dude, and its plot hinges entirely on the willingness of two supposedly honorable men to discount the word of a woman they claim to love. So there’s something [...]

The Two Jilted Kinsmen

For an article in this Sunday's paper, The Washington Post sent its former arts editor John Pancake in search of some very bad Shakespeare—specifically, The Two Noble Kinsmen, the last play Shakespeare wrote (well, co-wrote) and not a great one. In the article, Shakespeare Theatre Company's  Michael Kahn calls it "a deeply flawed play." Pancake writes:
Centuries [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Drinking at Kennedy Center, Bootleg Shakespeare

Two of summertime’s most beloved Monday-night entertainment options, Screen on the Green and the Fort Reno concert series, are time-honored, wholesome traditions. But to some, they suffer from a couple drawbacks: They’re outdoors and alcohol-free. In swoops the Kennedy Center to provide a boozy, air-conditioned alternative: the new Millennium Stage [...]

Arts Roundup: 180 Edition

Bienvenido a Miami: Starting Memorial Day weekend, the folks behind smooth vibe empire Eighteenth Street Lounge and scenester outpost Marvin will take over the summer pool party series at the Capitol Skyline Hotel, reports the Washington Post. For the last couple years, Brightest Young Things has run the scene at the Skyline, and many credit [...]

Taffety Punk Goes, Well, Punk

Staying true to their name, local theater troupe Taffety Punk is debuting some exclusive tunes from Dischord vet Ryan Nelson. Nelson, who previously played with Most Secret Method and Beauty Pill, works for Dischord and—according to Taffety Punk's website—provided the ambitious company with unreleased tunes from his bands Soccer Team and Routineers to use in [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: How Carolyn Malachi Got to the Grammys, Owl Moon, James Blake

This week's arts section opens with my demystification of the Grammy Awards and look at D.C.-based nominee Carolyn Malachi. In theater, Chris Klimek reviews a snoozy The Carpetbagger's Children at Ford's and a Taffety's weird-ass Owl Moon; Bob Mondello reviews Tom Stoppard's reverse-engineering of Dolly, On the Razzle; and Trey Graham checks out GALA Hispanic Theatre's [...]

Heroes, Hold the Super: Suilebhan’s REALS

It's been more than a decade since a summer movie season has passed without a big-budget superhero release. Even super-anti-hero comics, like WATCHMEN, the brilliant, downbeat Reagan-era series about how the existence of superheroes would improve exactly nothing, and KICK-ASS, a more recent, less brilliant gloss on similar ideas, have been mined for the movies. [...]

Some Modest Advice for Taffety Punk Theatre Company Re: Its “Bootleg Shakespeare” Stagings

Last night, Taffety Punk Theatre Company performed William Shakespeare and John Fletcher's The Two Noble Kinsmen. The 36 actors on stage—37 if you count the paper bag that played the part of Emilia's Second Woman—began learning their lines about a month ago, but didn't rehearse together until yesterday morning. It was one of Taffety's "Bootleg [...]

“If You Want to Feel What a Theater Rock Show Is, This Is It”: Taffety Punk’s Bootleg Shakespeare

Othello doing karaoke. Troubadours singing “Dust in the Wind” as a eulogy. Hamlet descending in a hot air balloon. If this doesn’t sound like your usual Shakespeare, then, well, it wasn't meant to be. Taffety Punk is what happens when a classically trained theater company meets punk rock, and its "Bootleg Shakespeare" productions fall [...]