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Beauty Pill Marks New Album Release With Second Artisphere Residency, Hamlet Score

The band will perform in a circle around audience members, who can live-mix the songs as they please.

Taffety Punk Theatre Company’s The Devil in His Own Words, Reviewed

The devil hates heavy metal, it turns out.

Riot Grrrls’ Titus Andronicus at Taffety Punk Theatre Company, Reviewed

If William Shakespeare had been a 1970s filmmaker, Titus Andronicus would have been quite the hit on the grindhouse circuit: Its lurid blend of vengeance, sex, violence, gore, and racial provocation surely would have played well to exploitation audiences hungry for the basest stomach-churning spectacle. With its multiple behandings, stabbings, and even cannibalism, all stemming [...]

ToDo ToDay: Bootleg Shakespeare! Mary Christ Farewell Performance!

Part of what makes the Capital Fringe Festival so exciting is the fast pace at which some of its productions develop. This year’s festival just wrapped, but Taffety Punk Theatre Company won’t let the zany die: Today, the scrappy troupe unveils another installment in its Bootleg Shakespeare series. This year Taffety has picked the Bard’s Love’s [...]

Arts Roundup: A Substantial Failure Edition

More backstory on the green-paint vandal [AP via Huffington Post]
D.C. libraries will recommence Sunday hours starting in October. [DCist]
An update on the proposed Smithsonian Latino Museum [AP via WTOP]
Beyoncé's dancers teach YMCA summer campers some moves [Washingtonian]
Tyler Green on Hirshhorn's departing director: "... it’s hard to call the Koshalek years anything but a substantial failure." [Modern [...]

ToDo ToDay: European Photos! Another Taqueria! Escondido!

If Shakespeare had a camera, what would he have captured? The Shakespeare Theatre Company explores that conceit with its exhibition of 24 photos of European locales by Nina Dunn.  Her finest works are understated: an aerial image of a surprisingly regular matrix of trees in Bordeaux, accentuated by a Barnett Newman-style zip of a road, [...]

ToDo ToDay: Slumberland Showcase! Alex Bleeker! Rap Parables!

Twenty-four years after its founding in Silver Spring, Slumberland Records remains a caretaker of the past and future of noisy indie pop. But at tonight’s showcase at Comet Ping Pong, expect a telling reversal: It’ll be the veterans who look for jaunty new pathways, and the rookies who look back. On Enterprising Sidewalks, its first album [...]

ToDo ToDay: Peter Karp! Poste Happy Hour!

The works in Peter Karp’s retrospective at the Studio Gallery tend to fall into three categories—photographs, flat mixed-media assemblages, and three-dimensional box assemblages—and each is relatively successful. Karp’s straight photographs are the most consistently interesting, however, depicting a praying mantis trapped under a fine wire screen, an aerial view of a Northern Virginia cul-de-sac development [...]

ToDo ToDay: Four More Beers! Taffety Punk!

Based on title alone, Shakespeare’s epic poem The Rape of Lucrece sounds pretty bleak. It’s the story of Lucretia, the fifth-century BCE Roman woman whose rape by the son of the king supposedly launched the revolution that overthrew the monarchy and established the Roman Republic. Taffety Punk Theatre Company has molded Lucretia’s story into what it’s [...]

ToDo ToDay: K-Pop Camp, Screen on the Green Ends

A five-day immersion camp in Korean culture sounds like something devised by the country north of the 38th parallel. But Hallyu Camp 2012 is a decidedly South Korean affair. Participants will learn about traditional Korean customs and social values, but the real hook is exploring how pop culture has exploded there since the end of [...]