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Arts Roundup: Because Jay Carney Thinks It’s Cool Edition

U.S. Royalty wins a crucial endorsement from White House Press Secretary Jay Carney. [Post]
D.C. cellist Gordon Withers and his wife Cathy appear on the new album from Swervedriver's Adam Franklin. [Gordon Withers]
Forehead slap of the day: "I don’t know about how things work in Washington, but here in Baltimore ... 'indie' means supporting and being supported [...]

ToDo ToDay: What Would 20-Somethings Do?

It's kinda gray and rainy for a bar hop, but bear with me: Tonight's got the makings of a classic 20-something Ward 1 booze triangle. Here's how it goes: Start in Mount Pleasant at Marx Cafe, where DJ Mark Williams is hosting Soundclash, his long-going reggae and Jamaican oldies night. (No cover charge.) From there, [...]