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FotoWeekDC Opening Party

Brightest Young Things Plans New York Expansion

If you can plot the history of Brightest Young Things by its parties, then last night's rather intimate soiree at the Gibson Guitar Showcase was a bit of an undersell: The website's leader, Svetlana Legetic, is stepping away from BYT's daily editorial operations, and here she was introducing her successors, Managing Editor Logan Donaldson and Assistant Editor [...]

Arts Roundup: It’s Never Too Early for an Amtrak Cheese Tray Edition

GUYS, Some People Are Funny, This Guy Is ON IT: Earlier this month, The New York Times launched a new column on comedy, penned by Jason Zinoman, who is the son of Studio Theatre founder Joy Zinoman and author of Shock Value, a recent book about horror movies. Splitsider has a long, sometimes funny interview with Jason [...]