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ToDo ToDay: The Fresh & Onlys! Winter Pie! Submerge!

San Francisco-based band The Fresh & Onlys is among the standard-bearers of the psych-garage sound currently associated with that city. Less in-your-face than other members of the Bay City cohort, the band’s tunes are simple, layered, and bouncy—think ’60s pop and love songs dripping with desperation.
The Fresh & Onlys perform with Quilt and Shark Week [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Touré

In the Obama era, we’re told, racial identity is more complicated than ever. Our first black president, after all, has no Southern slaves in his bloodline—but does have a Kenyan father, a white mother, an Asian sister, an Indonesian childhood, and an African-American family in Chicago that helped him find an adult sense of belonging. [...]