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ToDo ToDay: Marc Ribot’s Ceramic Dog, (e)merge, and holychild

What helps make Marc Ribot unique among the thousands of high-quality ax slingers performing today are his limitations. He’s a lefty playing right-handed, which means his nondominant hand is strumming and plucking the strings. So when Ribot plays jazz, he’s not smooth; when he plays Cuban music, the roughest edges of the rhythm get highlighted, [...]

ToDo ToDay: Sex, Drugs, and H.I.P.S.

Helping Individual Prostitutes Survive, the nearly 20-year-old nonprofit that helps connect sex workers with much-needed medical and social resources in D.C., is making its foray into the art world. “Sex, Drugs, Rock ‘n’ Roll D.C.,” opening tonight, assembles pieces of art—mainly illustrations, paintings, and photographs—inspired and made by sex workers and drug users from the [...]

I’m On a Boat

They will have heard the caveman clangs and reverb, booming through anodyne walls. They will have smelled the sweat and stale beer, lurking under doors and through hallways. They will have triple-taked at the Vivian Girls' cheeseburger and cassette-tape tattoos. And they will have wondered: What the fuck are these punks doing on my vacation?[]
When [...]

Ian Svenonius: Naval God

It's official: Cruise ships are now akin to public utilities. The industry is no longer worth viewing with irony or suspicion. The boats go out and they come back. There might be rock 'n' roll on some of the boats, there might not be. On at least one of the boats, Ian Svenonius will be [...]

“Put Them in a Trance and Then Wake Them Up”: A Chat with Dinowalrus

Alternately bouncy, glitchy, abrasive, droney, and subtle, the Brooklyn trio Dinowalrus is impossible to pin down. Its album is a frenetic mishmash of dissimilar styles and approaches, which is both jarring and entertaining. The band released its debut, %, on Kanine Records (home to Surfer Blood and Chairlift) last January, and it's hitting the road [...]

(Bonus) Clip Job: Five Acts I Loved at CMJ

Duchess Says, from Montreal, performs at Arlene's Grocery in New York City on Wednesday.
Kria Brekkan at Cameo Gallery: A cynic might say Kría Brekkan's hour-long set at the Paw Tracks label showcase confirmed numerous clichés about Iceland's parochial peculiarity. To wit: Pretend Lars von Trier's costume team had reimagined Sabrina the Teenage Witch and you're still [...]