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Photos of Mac McCaughan at the Black Cat Backstage

Ian MacKaye, Alec MacKaye, and Brendan Canty watched one of their fans play his new songs and some Superchunk hits.

Photos: Superchunk @ 9:30 Club

"The gentleman back there is requesting rock music," said Superchunk's Mac McCaughan to Jim Wilbur last night at the 9:30 Club. "I think we can fulfill that."
Superchunk recently dropped I Hate Music, its first release in three years, and the typically lively band seemed especially energetic last night—despite the lack of bassist Laura Ballance, who stayed [...]

ToDo ToDay: The 25 Project, Titus Andronicus, and Crafty Bastards

Brandon Hill and Peter Chang didn’t start their buzzed-about art and lifestyle company No Kings Collective at the District of Columbia Arts Center (DCAC), but they did get their start there. To help celebrate the upcoming 25th anniversary of DCAC, No Kings Collective has organized The 25 Project. The two-day exhibition features 25 D.C. artists, [...]

Superchunk’s Mac McCaughan on D.C.’s Old Days, Yo La Tengo, and Aging Out of Sisters of Mercy

After a nine-year hiatus, indie-rock ensemble Superchunk jolted back to life in 2010 with what might have been its strongest album yet, Majesty Shredding. On that punchy, tightly wound record, Superchunk taught a younger generation of listeners what the olds already knew: It's hard not to pogo madly to this stuff. (At the band's September 2010 gig at [...]

Lotsa Pop Losers Festival: An Oral History

The Lotsa Pop Losers festival was held in Bethesda, Md., and Washington, D.C. on October 26 and 27, 1991. Jointly sponsored by local labels Simple Machines, Teen-Beat, and Slumberland, the event served as a showcase for some of the more pop-oriented indie-rock bands active on the East Coast, pulling together bands from New York, Boston, [...]

What Did You Expect?: Archers of Loaf at the Black Cat, Discussed

Alongside bands like Polvo and Superchunk, Chapel Hill, N.C.’s Archers of Loaf helped popularize a geo-specific sound during the early '90s that blended buzzy guitars with a healthy dose of melody. It’s a formula that’s since become common in indie rock, but you rarely hear it replicated with the Archers of Loaf same spark. It [...]

What I Learned at the Pitchfork Music Festival

The sixth annual Pitchfork Music Festival wrapped this weekend. Dismemberment Plan smiled the whole way through. Attendees got mad at Odd Future for saying offensive things. Face paint sales throughout the Midwest rose. It was dusty. It was hot. It was fun. I learned a few things that concert-goers, specifically those who have tickets to [...]

Arts Roundup: Tally of the Dolls Edition

You Know You're a Molly if...: As far as cloying Monica Hesse topics go, American Girls dolls are way less annoying than, you know, transplanted New Yorkers who hate paying sales tax on newspapers, but I at least was able to make it through the latter article. Her American Girls anthropology in today's WaPo Style [...]

Monument Releases More New Old Emo

Seven months after the band released its debut album Goes Canoeing, D.C. new-old-emo act Monument is back at it with a new cassette, Sweatpants Fever. The eight-song effort has four original tunes and four covers, each selected by a different band member. The release's cover even comes with a tongue-in-cheek tease: "Monument plays the hits of [...]

Arts Roundup: Supply and Demand Edition

Good morning, D.C.! Yesterday's big news was suspiciously similar to last Monday's big news: Dismemberment Plan tickets went on sale! Again! This no doubt pleased those who missed the three-minute availability window last Friday. It especially pleased policy wonk Matt Yglesias, who feels that something needs to be done about the way indie rock shows [...]