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ToDo ToDay: Super Art Fight! Hem! Craigslist Theater!

Drawing all over your middle school notebooks was one way to look productive while avoiding learning the quadratic formula. Super Art Fight, pegged as “the greatest live art competition in the known universe,” continues that proud tradition. With only a few pens at their disposal, two artists stand before a blank canvas and draw whatever [...]

Super Art Fight Returns to D.C. With Some Punch

“Just imagine, you know, if in the middle of Iron Chef, one of the chefs just picked up a knife and went at the other guy’s food.”
That’s how Ross Nover, co-host of Super Art Fight, explained the spectacle that pits comic artist against comic artist on the same canvas in a 30-minute drawing battle. The Baltimore-based [...]

Far Out vs. Hot Dang, Vol. 28

REVIEW OF FUNDAMENTALS: On one side are the deep thoughts, the reflections, the revelations, the oddballs, the paradoxes and the acid trips. On the other side are the conflicts, the punchlines, the flameouts, the retorts and the oh-wows. Or something like that. It's Far Out vs. Hot Dang, people and it is THE FUTURE OF [...]

Doodles and Daggers: Super Art Fight Tonight

When you think of cartoonists, what comes to mind: sitting around with a fancy pen, sketching shapes in solitude? Adjusting black-rimmed glasses and cross-hatching for hours? OK, those are probably true most of the time, but not tonight! Super Art Fight is in town, and that means war. At SAF, cartoonists draw with live-audience participation [...]