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Rosslyn Jazz Festival: Jazz Setlist, Sept. 4-10

This might be the best year yet for the 24-years-running jazz fest across the Potomac.

Red Baraat’s Sunny Jain on Marrying Bhangra, Brass, and Go-Go

Red Baraat’s musical approach almost seems too contrived: Bhangra meets New Orleans brass meets jazz and funk and go-go. But since this Brooklyn nine-piece group formed a little over three years ago, it's made this largely instrumental style work, and garnished a following to show for it. The group includes three percussionists and six horn [...]

Jazz Setlist, Feb. 2-8: Junebug Memorial Edition

It hardly needs saying that Washington's jazz community is still mourning the loss last weekend of Jimmy "Junebug" Jackson. The much-loved drummer, singer, raconteur, and goofball is being mourned and celebrated all over town, but in particular at the HR-57 jam sessions he so often led. Last night's and tonight's jams are both being dedicated to [...]

Jazz Setlist, March 17-23: Jazz Brings the Atlas

Ha! Get it! Cuz last week was "Atlas Brings the Jazz"! Oh, whatever. They're not paying me to be witty. And, we're not talking about the H Street theater this time, but book of world maps.
Thursday, March 17
Twenty years old next week, Braxton Cook is a cleancut, babyfaced young man. His appearance couldn't belie his [...]