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Enter Through the Brain Wash

At the Oscars this weekend, we'll find out if Exit Through the Gift Shop wins the Academy Award for best documentary. For the past month several friends have urged me to watch the movie because it is about art and it is apparently by the celebrated London street-artist Banksy. OK.  I watched. The end result [...]

Fare Assessment: Ann Hornaday Goes to Sundance

There are plenty of reasons for an arts critic to leave town—say, vacation. OK, OK, all critics should see what's animating the national conversation from time to time—it can broaden and inform their perspective. But sometimes it feels like The Washington Post's reviewers are spending a bit too much time consuming art in other cities, [...]

Arts Roundup: Oscar Noms; Sundance Shrinkage; Ann Powers

Morning, readers.
*Today: Oscar nominations! They're in. Like as not, we'll have a spot of blog commentary from Tricia Olszewski, who's filing dispatches from sunny SoCal. They say it's 70 out there this a.m.; Tricia should maybe bring her editor along next time. just informed me that she canceled her L.A. trip and is, in fact, [...]

Arts Roundup: Michelle Rhee at Sundance Edition

Good morning! Sundance continues! Yesterday saw the premiere of The Runaways, the eponymous biopic of the all-girl hard rock band that spawned the careers of Lita Ford and Joan Jett.
But the buzziest film of the weekend, Waiting for Superman, is on a slightly dryer subject. No, it has nothing to do with the Flaming Lips. It's the [...]

Sundance Review: It Might Get Loud

The Sundance Film festival is as much a showcase for documentaries as it is a venue for edgy independent fare. Hoop Dreams, Supersize Me, and An Inconvenient Truth all captured initial buzz from the mountain town festival. The director of Oscar winning Truth, Davis Guggenheim, brought a new film to this year's festival. It Might [...]