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Photos of Sufjan Stevens at DAR Constitution Hall

It was Stevens at his best—stripped down, simple, heartfelt.

The Sleigher: Sufjan Stevens, “Good King Wenceslas”

HO HO WHO?: Apparently Sufjan Stevens is more inspired by Christmas than our 50 states, as his not-necessarily-sincere states project floundered after 2005's Illinois, yet he continues to crank out yuletide jams year after year. He is the type of artist who would earnestly embark on a tour entitled “The Sirfjam Stephanapolous Christmas Sing-A-Long [...]

Arts Roundup: ‘A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Tweets’ Edition

Morning, folks!
Does anybody other than me and Kent Brockman feel this way about the World Cup? Fortunately, Magnum photos of people playing futbol are far more engrossing than the TV broadcasts. Plus, no fucking horns.
A photo is worth a thousand tweets! You know Shit My Dad Says, the Twitter feed Justin Halpern parlayed into [...]

A Sufjan Single You Don’t Have to Drive To Brooklyn to Hear

In a move that is expected to significantly reduce the frequency of attempted torch raids on Alec Duffy's Brooklyn apartment, Sufjan Stevens has released a new single–on the Web, to everyone. It's a ballad he composed years ago when he was in the throes of a theme kick–songs for each day of the week, each [...]

What If We Threw A Listening Party And Everybody Got Pissed? (Sufjan Fans Find a Scapegoat)

It has been more than two and a half years since Sufjan Stevens released a studio album, nearly three years since he released an album of non-Christmas songs, and almost four years since he released an album that wasn't just a compilation (albeit a compelling one) of outtakes from his previous album. The man who [...]