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Subterranean Punk-House Blues

Photo Slideshow: Subterranean A's Final Show

D.C. punk houses haven’t changed much. They’re still filthy. They’re still rife with well-intentioned but unrealized projects, like unturned compost piles and half-finished rain barrels. They still have damp sofas encircled by splintered drumsticks, Xeroxed show flyers, and earthenware mugs ringed with green-tea residue. Often, a hapless chore wheel clings to [...]

ToDo ToDay: Whither the DIY Space?

Gold Leaf Studios is gone. Subterranean A held its last show this past weekend. Hole in the Sky is on-again, off-again. The fate of O Street Studios is still iffy, but its residents recently staved off the construction of a hostel on the first floor. Artist and DIY spaces lead a precarious life anywhere, but [...]

Subterranean A Announces Final Show

Subterranean A, the R Street NW basement dwelling notable for being one of D.C.'s finest DIY venues, announced its last show today. This post will be updated.

Where Am I Rocking? The D.C. Rock Venue Decision Tree!

It’s a confusing time to be a D.C. concert-goer. The Fillmore Silver Spring has invaded the established order. DIY spaces flicker and fade like so many lightning bugs. Perhaps you’ve had one too many drinks. If you find yourself at a rock concert and you can’t remember where exactly you are, this might help.

Illustration by [...]

Arts Roundup: Dissonance Edition

Loitering in B Flat: In what might only guarantee more loitering from me if not a decrease in the loitering of anyone else, the National Portrait Gallery is now playing classical music outside in an effort to keep the kids away from its very perchable stairs, DCist reports. DCist also suggests the museum play Wagner's [...]

Arts Roundup: Flatironed and Clubby Edition

The Washington Post may be without a chief art critic at the moment, but there was plenty of art criticism in yesterday's paper: The paper's Philip Kennicott on Canaletto at the National Gallery; freelancer (and City paper contributor) Kriston Capps on portraitist George Condo and his unlikely patron/muse, Kanye West, on the occasion of the former's [...]