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Lotsa Pop Losers Festival: An Oral History

The Lotsa Pop Losers festival was held in Bethesda, Md., and Washington, D.C. on October 26 and 27, 1991. Jointly sponsored by local labels Simple Machines, Teen-Beat, and Slumberland, the event served as a showcase for some of the more pop-oriented indie-rock bands active on the East Coast, pulling together bands from New York, Boston, [...]

More New, Free Music: Beach House, Outputmessage, and More

The new Beach House album, Teen Dream, out on Jan. 26.
Local electro-retro-futurist Outputmessage dropped a four-song single yesterday, the third and final one leading to his upcoming album. You can pay what you want for it over at his bandcamp page, or stream it:

Teen Dream, the upcoming Sub Pop debut of the dreamy Baltimore duo [...]

DRM Is Dead, but Watermarks Will Live Forever

The former opinion comes straight from the RIAA, the latter is mine.
In a piece that we published today, I interviewed executives from Sub Pop, Definitive Jux, and Nasty Little Man, and music writers Jessica Hopper and Douglas Wolk about the state of music reviewing and copyright protections.
If you've never reviewed a copyright-protected promo, imagine the [...]

Show Alert: Sunny Day Real Estate Reunion Stops in D.C.

Last month, mid-90s emo rockers Sunny Day Real Estate announced a reunion tour in support of their first two albums LP2 and Diary, both of which are being reissued by Sub Pop in September. (More on those special reissues at the band's new official site.) The good news for Midatlantic emo junkies is that the [...]

Fleet Foxes: D.C. Makes Summer Tour Cut

Fleet Foxes, they of the empyreal harmonies, are in high demand these days. The band's self-titled debut LP, released a year ago, quickly earned a spot on the contemporary folk syllabus. Frontman Robin Pecknold, a social recluse whose lyrical incantations seem to echo along the slopes of some far-off mountain range, has managed to hook [...]

Red Red Meat/Obits @ SXSW

If Tim Rutili's doesn't have the most harmonious singing voice, but it's certainly one of the most distinctive, or just the flat-out weirderst. On his records with Califone and the long defunct Red Red Meat his words are always slurred, as if he's somehow singing them backwards and forwards at the same time. I had [...]

Oxford Collapse Get Up and Do It Some More

Four full-length records in about four years ... don't America's indie rockers have TVs anymore?

But it's clear that Oxford Collapse are having too much fun not to be churning out their raucous, sing-along pop tunes on automatic. The Brooklyn-based art pop trio are best known for keeping alive the poignant embers of guitar-driven '80s [...]