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Bluegrass in Arts? Retro R&B in Style? On the Post‘s Sunday Arts Coverage

So I was a little confused by the arts coverage in The Washington Post this Sunday. It was the second weekend of the paper's new arts regime, in which highbrow pieces are collected in a broadsheet Arts section while pop-cultural ones are placed in a tabloid Style section.
Basically, I thought it was weird that this profile [...]

Jessica Dawson to Leave Washington Post for Hirshhorn Bubble

In another big departure from The Washington Post arts section, longtime galleries critic Jessica Dawson is leaving the paper—and the news business—for the Hirshhorn Museum. There she will join the staff for that museum's new temporary event space, known as the Bubble.
Just last November, Dawson, a non-staff columnist, penned a piece celebrating her 10-year anniversary as [...]

Whoa! Robin Givhan and Blake Gopnik Leaving WaPo

The Twitters are already abuzz with the news and, of course, Michael Calderone has the memo: Washington Post fashion critic Robin Givhan and art critic Blake Gopnik are leaving the paper. The memo to staff from the Style section's editors gives almost no details on why Givhan is departing, but says that Gopnik is "now [...]

Arts Roundup: I Just Don’t Feel Like Ranting Edition

Good morning! Nothing has pissed me off today! (OK, one thing has: The Washington Post Style section seems to have resumed its coverage of the Salahis. Two articles so far this week! The one from yesterday—argh!—is about how the story won't go away.) So I'll skip the usual morning ramblings and move on to what [...]

Arts Morning Roundup: Ron Charles Prevails, Watchmen Sucks, Baseball Cards Are Expensive

Good morning, y'all! Top of the news pile has Maura Johnston leaving Idolator, and Ron Charles, aka, the muscle at Book World, getting his space in the Style section, goddamit. (For those of you who are not ravenously digesting R.C.'s every tweet: He nearly lost his slot in Style due to the insane number of [...]