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FotoWeek D.C.: “Portraiture” at Studio Gallery, Reviewed

The small FotoWeek exhibit of portraits at Studio Gallery includes the work of no fewer than 10 artists, each with a distinctly different M.O.
Leena Jayaswal offers a large-scale print of a high-contrast bedroom scene that features a figure reading the newspaper, expressed with a satisfyingly inky look. Joe Small experiments with disorientingly layered multiple exposures, while [...]

ToDo ToDay: Peter Karp! Poste Happy Hour!

The works in Peter Karp’s retrospective at the Studio Gallery tend to fall into three categories—photographs, flat mixed-media assemblages, and three-dimensional box assemblages—and each is relatively successful. Karp’s straight photographs are the most consistently interesting, however, depicting a praying mantis trapped under a fine wire screen, an aerial view of a Northern Virginia cul-de-sac development [...]

Reviewed: Peter Karp at Studio Gallery

The works in Peter Karp’s retrospective at the Studio Gallery tend to fall into three categories—photographs, flat mixed-media assemblages, and three-dimensional box assemblages—and they're sometimes successful.
Some of the flat assemblages by Karp, a former World Bank executive who took up art as a second career, combine needlessly jarring elements, but a series of images of [...]

ToDo ToDay: Donkeys and Elephants! Rum Flips!

Considering how much the practice of politics—and journalism—has changed over the years, the art of political cartooning has been surprisingly resilient. In the sprawling and occasionally inspired “Donkeys & Elephants,” Studio Gallery aims to document the art form’s evolution over the years. The show includes mini-collections of original art by the late Washington Post cartoonist Herblock, [...]

Reviewed: “Donkeys & Elephants” at Studio Gallery

Considering how much the practice of politics—and the media—has changed over the years, it’s something of a surprise to realize how resilient the art of political cartooning has been. The Studio Gallery is mounting a “celebration” of American political cartoons, which proves to be a sprawling, occasionally inspired, but slightly scattershot endeavor.
The exhibit's strength comes [...]

Reviewed: “Revisit: The Inconstancy of Being” at Studio Gallery

The idea of returning to an old subject many years later is a venerable photographic trope, as shown in the current National Gallery of Art exhibit, “The Serial Portrait.” In “Revisit: The Inconstancy of Being,” nine photographers exhibit pairs of photos—one they took years ago, and one they took recently.
In some, the differences are subtle. [...]

Reviewed: Iwan Bagus, Peter Karp, and Amy Davis at Studio Gallery

Iwan Bagus, a D.C. photographer and professor, asks, “How long does an image last?” His answer: “An eternity and a blink of the eye.” That pretty much sums up his newest series, now on exhibit at the Studio Gallery. Bagus took a series of fractured self-portraits using rolls of old-school color transparency film, cut out [...]

Reviewed: “Reverb & Echo” at Studio Gallery

The devastating Haitian earthquake of Jan. 12, 2010—which struck almost two years ago—has inspired many artists. Last fall, Wyatt Gallery offered photographic meditations on life amid temporary housing in the exhibit "Tent Life: Haiti," while the Watergate Gallery is currently showing Haitian paintings from a damaged arts venue in Port-au-Prince. At Studio Gallery, mixed-media artist [...]

FotoWeek DC Kicks Off Tomorrow

It’s time again for FotoWeek DC, the week-long festival of photography that began in 2008. It kicks off with a launch party tomorrow night and runs through Nov. 12.
We’ve already reviewed a number of the exhibits. One of the others that's already open to the public is “Ocean Soul, Photographs by Brian Skerry” at the [...]

Closing Reception: Why Bethesda’s Fraser Gallery Went Under

For Catriona Fraser, the Fraser Gallery’s decade-and-a-half run in Georgetown and Bethesda ended on a simple note: “Nobody was buying any artwork from me.”
Case in point: the 10th Annual International Photography Competition, one of the gallery’s best-known feature exhibitions, which just closed at Fraser’s remaining outpost in downtown Bethesda.
The work is affordable, with most of [...]