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Mourning Edition: Edgar & Annabel at Studio 2ndStage, Reviewed

Is there any staple of suspense films more hoary than the bomb-defusing sequence? Those glowing red LED digits ticking coolly, unsympathetically down to zero, and oblivion. (Six.) The sweat-dappled brow of the hero as he kneels over the device, alert for boobytraps, trying to quiet his mind so he can assess whether to snip the [...]

ToDo ToDay: Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson

If Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson is right, America’s seventh president was an awfully emo guy. This Studio 2ndStage production, which opens today, puts an irreverent musical spin on Jackson’s tumultuous life, with a sharp focus on how his cowboy years shaped him into the leader of the country’s first populist movement. According to co-director Chris Gallu, [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: The Big Meal, The Avengers, Black Cobain

Chris Klimek leads this week's arts section with reviews of Studio 2ndStage's The Big Meal, a stripped-down and inventive distillation of several lifetimes, all in a Midwestern restaurant; and Washington Stage Guild's Wives and Wits, a George Bernard Shaw twofer. He also reviews Hamlecchino, Clown Prince of Denmark, Faction of Fools' witty if overlong translation of [...]

Glam-Rock Musicals Studio 2ndStage Should Produce Next

As is just about theatrical custom in this town, The Washington Post got the first pass at StudioTheatre's 2012-2013 season announcement, which begins Sept. 5 with an adaptation of Ralph Ellison's classic novel of race, racism, politics, and group and individual identity, Invisible Man. Also on the Studio slate: The Aliens by Annie Baker, The Motherfucker [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: Dancing at Fringe, Another Earth, Blue Sausage Infant

Rebecca J. Ritzel leads this week's arts section with a look into why local dance troupes seem to be giving up on the Capital Fringe Festival. Tricia Olszewski reviews two films about life on this planet (and the one next door): Another Earth and How to Live Forever. Benjamin R. Freed reviews Studio 2ndStage's Pop!—about [...]

Last-Weekend Interview: Songs of the Dragons Flying to Heaven

Being a young person of color and an artist in this country seems to condemn you to one of several fates: You either dwell in obscurity or in niche-market semi-obscurity, where your work is only consumed and appreciated by the people of your race. Or you get stuck pandering to mostly older, mostly white arts [...]