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Find Portraits of Every Woman in Congress on Their States’ Streets

A new street-art project gives thanks for the female leadership of the 113th Congress.

The Secret History of Those Radio Rahim Stickers

A few years ago it was virtually impossible to walk through one of D.C.'s commercial corridors and not see a Radio Rahim sticker–and quite a few are hanging around. As far as street visuals go, they're striking for their simplicity (white Cooper font text on a black background) as well as their apparent reference to [...]

Mural Mural On the Wall: Gaia’s Whirlwind Week in D.C.

Baltimore-based street muralist Gaia has created dozens of murals in cities around the world, but locals probably know him as the hand and chicken guy. Gaia’s D.C. paintings have incorporated a lot of both. Take his largest work in town, an enormous painting on the side of H Street NE restaurant Smith Commons: It shows [...]

Arts Roundup: Junebug Edition

Gaddafi Loves Leeza: I love this (newish?) work of street art, on F Street NW between 10th and 11th. Know something about it? Email me.
Rest in Peace, Junebug: HR-57's house drummer, Jimmy "Junebug" Jackson, has died. Read Michael J. West's Arts Desk obituary. More on CapitalBop.
Kaisered Once Again: Kennedy Center President Michael Kaiser, in his regular [...]

Milbanksy Revealed! Sort of.

This summer, my colleagues and I noticed that D.C. street art seemed to be taking a turn for the hyperlocal. First there were decals and wheatpastes bearing the face of Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank, apparently disseminated by someone called Milbanksy. Then there was the image of a panda and the imperative "RETURN," and a sticker with Thomas Jefferson's [...]

Striking at the Heart of Yarn Bombing

Tomorrow, the exterior of Jimmy Valentine’s Lonely Hearts Club on Bladensburg Road NE will be covered—that is to say, yarn-bombed—with knitted hearts in shades of pink and red. The cozy facade is part of ARTventures on H, during which galleries and art spaces along the H Street NE corridor open their doors for a neighborhood art [...]

Enter Through the Brain Wash

At the Oscars this weekend, we'll find out if Exit Through the Gift Shop wins the Academy Award for best documentary. For the past month several friends have urged me to watch the movie because it is about art and it is apparently by the celebrated London street-artist Banksy. OK.  I watched. The end result [...]

Meet a Local Cartoonist: A Chat With Mike Flugennock

Mike Flugennock is a born-and-raised D.C. cartoonist who works in a field that was just labeled extinct by Civil War cartoon historians at the Newseum on Thursday. Flugennock does political poster cartoons. You may have already seen his work around town—our local anarchist cartoonist provides his work for free to be carried by demonstrators or [...]

For the Warm and Fuzzies, Knit Happens

It’s not hard to find the graffiti artists who call themselves the Warm and Fuzzies once they give you the general location of their Mount Pleasant basement apartment. It’s the one with knitted streamers hanging from the barred door, and once you’re inside, there’s yarn waiting to be knitted or crocheted everywhere you look. I [...]

When Tagging Reagan National Airport, Make Sure Your Art Doesn’t Depict a Bomb

One of Rene Gagnon's bomber works.
Rene Gagnon is a bomber, in the way that street artists refer to putting their work up in public as "bombing." He is not a bomber in the way that kills people. Nonetheless, his stickers that depict himself as a suicide paint bomber (those are spray cans attached to his [...]