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Washington Post’s Monica Hesse Writes a Second Young Adult Novel

Monica Hesse, the Washington Post's most unexpectedly controversial Style section staff writer, has written a sequel to her first young adult novel. BURN follows STRAY, a dystopic tale set in D.C. that's one part romance and two parts weird imagining of the American foster-care system. (Think more The Giver and less The Hunger Games, with [...]

Is Monica Hesse Writing the Next Hunger Games?

Monica Hesse's debut novel does not involve vampires, she assures us. Phew.
Then again, we're living in the era of The Hunger Games now, not Twilight, and the Washington Post feature writer's upcoming book sounds like a square fit for the dystopian young adult niche. It's "about a teenage girl raised in the Path—a virtual reality experiment designed [...]