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This Year’s Fort Reno Shows, Sponsored by…

Bang Salon presents: Foul Swoops, Coup Sauvage & the Snips, Golden Looks, Beauty Pill

Watch D.C. Bands Vie for a Slot at NPR’s Tiny Desk

Contest entry videos from the El Mansouris, Humble Fire, Stranger in the Alps, and Sara Curtin

ToDo ToDay: Improv Actually, the Dig, and Mirel Wagner

Local rockers dominate the stage tonight.

ToDo ToDay: Hannibal Buress, Pond, and Zola Jesus

Sneak behind the scenes at the Hirshhorn tonight.

One Track Mind: Stranger in the Alps’ “Black Box”

“We live in a time when communication is part of the atmosphere. So, the prospect of being unable to communicate is more terrifying than ever.”

ToDo ToDay: Mid-Atlantic Jazz Festival, Dead Meadow, and Dance Parties

The motto for the Mid-Atlantic Jazz Festival, “Standing Up for Real Jazz,” smacks of rigid definition—the Jazz-as-Ideology school. But festival curator Paul Carr doesn't just wave the banner of purism: He builds a case for it. The first day alone features 21 different performances of solid, swinging, straight-ahead jazz (with an opening-night performance by Giacomo [...]

One Track Mind: Stranger in the Alps, Honey If You’re Lucky

Standout Track: No. 7, “Stranger's Will,” a Gram Parsons-esque anthem from Stranger in the Alps’ debut LP, Honey If You’re Lucky. The rootsy track espouses choosing your own philosophy and diverging from a predetermined path. Building into a joyful three-part harmony for the chorus, it's also one of the album's most layered works: Steve Kolowich (an [...]

ToDo ToDay: Twelfth Night, Pusha T, and El Rey Opens

Leave it to Synetic Theater’s team to breathe new life into Twelfth Night while removing the play’s dialogue—and reimagining it as a 1920s silent picture. The company will channel Chaplin, Keaton, Laurel, and Hardy (and do the Charleston) as it tells the story of Viola, a devastated maiden who disguises herself as a man and becomes a [...]