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Our 10 Favorite Tweets from the “Ian MacKaye” Twitter Account

For those of you who are waiting for Ian MacKaye to join Twitter, it's never going to happen. But at least you can follow ♥ ~*iAn_mAckaYe*~ ♥, a not quite official account re-imagining our revered punk statesman as a 13-year-old girl. Inside jokes for harDCore fans abound, along the lines of @JadedPunkHulk, only less angry [...]

ToDo ToDay: “The Civil War in America”! Roky Erickson!

Forget Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln. While moviegoers around the country are watching Daniel Day-Lewis don a top hat and mimic the 16th president’s high-pitched timbre, Washingtonians can visit some real artifacts from the Civil War at the Library of Congress’ sesquicentennial exhibition, “The Civil War in America,” which opens today in the Thomas Jefferson Building. The exhibition [...]

Free American Hardcore mp3s Include Rare D.C. Tracks

When American Hardcore: A Tribal History was first published in 2001, it was the definitive written statement of an era. Putting a focus on the guys that were there—shaved heads, rioting and all—Stephen Blush's book put the movement in the pioneering context it deserves, pouring all the attitude and sneer of Henry Rollins and Glenn [...]