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Listen to This Common-Inspired Beat Tape

Common’s evolution is tricky to navigate. On his 1992 debut, Can I Borrow A Dollar?, he was the beer-guzzling, weed-smoking, hood dude. Two years later, Common was more thoughtful on the landmark Resurrection, a creative approach that came to full fruition on 2000's Like Water for Chocolate and 2005's Be. He traveled to outer space on [...]

Str8 Beatz’ Smokey Soundtrack

If you know Laelo, you know he likes weed. For starters, his Twitter name is @LaeloSmokesGood. And the name of his crew? The High Definition Society.
So it's no surprise one of his go-to producers has crafted a beat tape inspired by the green. Released Tuesday, Str8 Beatz' Filtered Joints: A Score for the Lifers is a [...]