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Kev Brown Faces Heartbreak on His Melancholy New Project

Halfway through Kev Brown's new EP, we hear Stevie Wonder's unmistakable tenor, belting out a sentimental live version of his 1969 song, "Give Your Love." Moments later, we hear Stevie again, except Brown has altered the singer's voice to sound like someone completely different.
It's the most familiar aspect of Brown's Untitled Heartbreak Project, a 13-minute [...]

Openings: Ron K. Brown and Evidence, Iranian Film Festival

What's new this weekend in local arts
Brooklyn-based choreographer Ron K. Brown brings his company, Evidence, to perform to the music of Stevie Wonder. Wonder and Brown have collaborated before, and this modern troupe promises a unique interpretation of Wonder's works, including "You and I" and "Jesus Children of America." The company performs Feb. 1 at  8 [...]

Arts Roundup: National Theatre’s History of Neglect Edition

Nelson Pressley: "... the National [Theatre] is a low-budget, skeletal operation that maintains a handful of outreach operations to help justify its not-for-profit status. Rent doesn’t seem to be an issue. Bottom line: When the theater is dark, no one really loses money." [Post]
Furniture magnate Mitchell Gold and his former Smithsonian researcher husband Tim Gold [...]

Listen: “Minajah” by True Womanhood

In what might be the first example of a band attempting Moombahton—that explosively nascent genre blending Dutch house music with reggaeton—True Womanhood released today the debut track from their Reel Too Real series of recordings made with a vintage 8-track reel-too-reel machine the duo of Thomas Redmond and Noam Elsner recently restored.
The aggressive beat that [...]