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ToDo ToDay: Steven Cushner! Tropical Lunches!

Wasn’t Steven Cushner just here? It was only six months ago that the Washington-based painter mounted his most recent show at Hemphill Fine Arts.  With “The Shaped Paintings, 1991–93,” Cushner returns with a series of deep cuts from his own extensive painting catalog.  Twenty years later, Cushner’s work on nonrectilinear canvases  still needs time—but then, his [...]

Openings: Qingming Riverside, Homage to Michelle

The presidential inauguration looms, but fear not: You needn't be sucked in just yet. There are quite a few things opening this weekend that have little to do with presidents and parades. Here are some ways to avoid the inaugural madness while you still can.
Qingming Riverside, Hong Kong Dance Company's elaborate spectacle that debuted at [...]