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Eric Hendrixson, Author of Bizarro Novels, Needs You to Buy His Killer-Tomato Book

100 more books.
That's all bizarro novelist Eric Hendrixson needs to sell to keep his writing career going. The Arlington author released his book Bucket of Face last October as part of a deal with Eraserhead Press, a small publishing house based in Portland, Ore.
The novel, revolving around a doughnut shop worker who "finds he is the target [...]

Troubadours, Reviewed

When you think of timeless songwriting, Cheech and Chong may not immediately come to mind. The cannabis-craving duo’s stoner send-ups of hippie culture may be classics, but they're not heartfelt ones. And yet in the 1960s, you were likely to see the pair at The Troubadour, a vital apex of the era's singer-songwriter movement. The [...]

Five Books I’d Read

in which the author discusses five books he'd read, if time permitted.

1. Decoded, by Jay-Z.
I was never a huge Jay-Z fan, but I was also never into Transformers, milk chocolate, G.I. Joe, chocolate ice cream, "E.T.," chocolate sundaes, James Joyce, chocolate donuts, post-Keith Morris Black Flag, Three Muskateers candy bars, the Beach Boys, chocolate fudge, [...]

Steve Martin: “The Jerk” Goes Country

Steve Martin–known to boomers as "The Jerk," to hipsters as the jerk opposite Claire Danes in "Shop Girl" and, more recently, to your kid sister as Inspector Clouseau–is an accomplished banjoist. According to the New York Times, in the country/bluegrass community, Martin is an esteemed master of the difficult clawhammer playing style. Martin told [...]