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Prog-Rock Doc Romantic Warriors Gets (What Else?) Obscure

Progressive rock has been a niche genre since it largely receded from public consciousness in the late 1970s. Like any niche, it has a small base of insanely dedicated fans, and Romantic Warriors, a documentary airing in the D.C. area several times over the next few days, is a paean to those devotees.
It's easy [...]

Avant-Gored: The Ballad of The Muffins and D.C.’s Experimental Scene, Before and After Punk Killed Them

The Muffins in Rockville in 1979
It’s a somewhat ludicrous thing to say about an event that spotlights so many alienating artists, but in its 10th year, the Sonic Circuits Festival of Experimental Music feels, well, kind of big.
This year there are veteran prog and avant-rock draws, like Magma and Univers Zero, and the noise and [...]