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Steve Carrell and The Office: Bleak or No?

Steve Carrell's judicious and graceful exit from The Office after seven seasons has prompted nostalgic YouTube medleys, a RENT take-off, and at least one really baffling article by the very interesting Bill Wyman. (Witness this relatively recent home run, in which the writer who has the same name as the bassist of the Stones impersonates [...]

Arts Roundup: The End of a Redheaded Era

Good morning, readers!
*Tonight marks everyone's favorite redhead's departure from The Tonight Show. With Tom Hanks and Will Ferrell lined up as guests and many more cameos expected (rumors are Steve Carell may make an appearance), it's sure to be an unforgettable show. Even though Conan O'Brien is walking away with a $45 million settlement (roughly [...]

The [British] Office: Fridays After American Dad on Adult Swim!

The American Office is a cartoonish, sanitized, safe place to spend time—funny, for sure, but essentially escapist. The British original, by comparison, is a wartier, more authentically miserable place. Pam and Jim are an All-American couple; Dawn and Tim are working-class grunts making it through the day. Michael Scott is a broad, white-bread buffoon; David [...]