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Arts Roundup: ‘Words Of Wisdom From Nomi Malone and Jessie Spano’ Edition

Morning, readers.
*Elizabeth Berkley plans to write a self-help book to help boost young girls' self-esteem. Presumably it'll skip the whole section about doing a movie where you snort coke, have sex in a pool, and push the lead showgirl down the stairs so you can take her place in a topless Vegas extravaganza. Though hopefully [...]

Reviewed: Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland
Directed by Tim Burton
Before the London premiere, before the posters of a washed-out Anne Hathaway, before the teasers in Variety, and, for that matter, before Sweeney Todd, you knew this was coming. You probably could've cast it too. Helena Bonham Carter, predictably freakified as the Red Queen; Johnny Depp as a curiously layered [...]