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ToDo ToDay: Step Afrika!, Funny Moms, and a New Bar in Shaw

One of the District’s most spectacular holiday programs involves audience participation, a DJ named Frosty the Snowman, and a dozen dancers stomping the stage about as hard as humanly possible. Back for its second season, Step Afrika!’s “Magical Musical Holiday Step Show” pairs the company’s famously fast-paced stepping with a heavy dose of holiday cheer. [...]

ToDo ToDay: The Bats, Barbecue, and D.C. Jazz Fest

Like their Kiwi peers The Clean, The Bats are on what you might call Dunedin time. Or perhaps Robert Scott time, since he plays bass in the former pioneering indie-pop band and sings and strums in the latter. Both bands are associated with the New Zealand movement called the “Dunedin Sound,” and both have aged [...]

ToDo ToDay: Pajama Men! Adams Morgan Pho!

When it comes to physical humor, it’s hard to upstage the Brits on their own turf. They’ve made pratfalls and spit-takes their comedic bread and butter since the days of John Cleese’s silly walks. But that’s exactly what the Pajama Men—Shenoah Allen and Mark Chavez—have been doing for the past several years. They were named [...]

Memorable Dance Performances of 2011

A psychology-major roommate told me once that a hallmark of the human brain is its proclivity for categorization. Well, count me in. In ruminating about this year’s memorable dance performances, I found myself subconsciously dividing them into three groups.
These are the shows that vibrated with energy and left audience members practically sweating with a visceral [...]

Step Afrika Goes Cold and Classical

Step Afrika is one of the Washington region’s most original dance companies. Specializing in the African-American tradition of step dancing—that is, creating multiple rhythms through stomping feet and clapping hands—the company performs smooth, well-rehearsed creations all over the country.
But familiarity breeds forgetfulness, and it’s easy to lose sight of just how unique the company is. [...]

A Stepping Interpretation of Jacob Lawrence’s Migration Series, at the Atlas Tonight

It seems like a perfect fit. Take Jacob Lawrence’s Migration Series, a set of 60 paintings depicting African Americans’ flight to the big cities of the north prior to World War II, half of which are housed at the Phillips Collection. Combine it with Step Afrika!, a DC-based dance company that has honed and built [...]