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Jazz Setlist, Sept. 24-30

Heidi Martin pays tribute to Abbey Lincoln, the Airmen of Note, and more

Sharón Clark, Stefon Harris, and Avant-Garde Saxophone: Jazz Setlist, Sept. 11-17

The clearest alto saxophone tone you've ever heard: huge, iron-hard, and rather menacing.

ToDo ToDay: Jazz Meets the Classics, Danzig

Jazz treatments of classical music have been a tradition since the days of Jelly Roll Morton. Still, it’s not so common to see a jazz band headlining a concert of works by the giants of the European conservatory. Bach, Mozart, Chopin, Rachmaninov, and Tchaikovsky all get the swing treatment in “Jazz Meets the Classics,” the [...]

Jazz Set List, Dec. 10 – 16: Tim Warfield, Sean Gough, and More

Dec. 11
Tim Warfield has the interesting distinction of being the most important jazz musician in Pennsylvania's Susquehanna Valley region. But the high-octane tenor saxophonist has also built a sizable following in New York, Philadelphia, and here in D.C. For all his aggressive, sharp-edged playing, however, Warfield has for nearly two years had an album of [...]