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ToDo ToDay: Frightened Rabbit and Susan Marshall & Company

Just because Scott Hutchison, primary tunesmith for Scottish indie rockers Frightened Rabbit, expertly chronicles the death of romance, it doesn't mean we should wish him a broken heart. But when Hutchison said 2013’s Pedestrian Verse LP was primarily about a wrecked romance, it’s fair to say it felt like a welcome return, however bittersweet, to classic weepy anthems [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Dances of Ecstasy

Look. Tonight's not going to go down in history as the most fun Wednesday night of all time. A lot of venues are in end-of-summer mode and entertainment options are a little thinner than usual. But here are a few options.
The documentary Dances of Ecstasy seems to straddle the line between Burning Man and a Discovery [...]

…just visiting three by Zo!, Reviewed

In this era of flashy skinny-jean music, someone like Silver Spring's Zo! could get lost in the shuffle: His brand of glossy soul music is more suited for aging two-steppers than bright-eyed adolescents. There are no explicit sexual references. No one's smoking weed, popping bottles, or getting killed.
The Detroit native is the opposite, opting for [...]

Tonight in Jazz: Erik Deutsch at the Velvet Lounge

As jazz edges ever further from the mainstream, keyboardist Erik Deutsch continues to assimilate sounds from the pop charts—of the 1970s, that is. His second album, Hush Money, draws from the prog-rock and singer-songwriter movements, edgy funk, Afro-soul, and especially album-oriented jazz-fusion like Steely Dan. (It might be the only record in that style to [...]

Ted Nugent is a Pussy: The CliffsNotes to Everybody Must Get Stoned

"Trying to show a link between rock stars and drugs is like trying to make a link between mouths and tooth decay," writes R.U. Sirius—the nom de fume of 10 Zen Monkeys' Ken Goffman. This is but one of the many mangy comparisons that frontload Everybody Must Get Stoned: Rock Stars on Drugs*, and when [...]