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“Wiccan, Yes. Dirty Hippie, Fuck No”: An Ex-Con Reviews Orange is the New Black Season 3, Episode 2

"They would have put Michelle Obama through the same treatment if she were in there."

DC Shorts: Films for Faded Television Stars

DC Shorts' Showcase 6 wants to be an emotional roller coaster—people are singing and dying, losing their minds, throwing candy hearts at each other, going ice fishing—and it's all over the place, but also pretty dull. At least a certain starship captain (no, not him, and not that one either) shows up for some levity.
Sudden [...]

Meet a Local Cartoonist: A Chat With Steve Conley

As Steve Conley notes, he's done it all. He started with a science fiction Web comic (before they were called that), moved it into a comic book, switched to doing an online political comic strip, drew a few licensed comic books including an excellent Star Trek series, and now he's relaunching Bloop, a little green [...]

Wherefore Shakespeare in Klingon? Elementary, My Dear Watson

This, this is the problem, this right here: "In one of the Star Trek movies," which I, Steve Inskeep, won't even go to the trouble of naming, but HINT, it's the one with the Hamlet quote cleverly buried in the title of frakking film: It's the original-cast Trek finale, No. 6, The Undiscovered Country. [...]

Now That We’ve All Had 16 Months to Collect Our Thoughts About the New Star Trek…

We could peg this to the publication last weekend of Pat Jordan's fine New York Times profile of William Shatner, or to the fact that today is the day after Labor Day — the first day of classes when I was coming up through Fairfax County, Va.'s exemplary public school system back in nineteenninetyneveryoumind. [...]