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ToDo ToDay: Calvin Love, Joe Mande, and More Tacos

According to Calvin Love’s Facebook page, the Canadian musician is “currently residing in transit.” The same could be said for Love’s genre-bending, border-crossing sound. When Love wrote his latest album, New Radar, he had just moved back to wintry Alberta, Canada, from sun-soaked Los Angeles. The result is a surprisingly lovely mix of crooning vocals, synthy [...]

ToDo ToDay: Phil Donahue in the House!

On a trip to Walter Reed Medical Center in 2004, iconic talk show host Phil Donahue met Tomas Young (shown), a soldier from Kansas City who’d been shot in the chest after only four days’ service in Iraq. Moved by Young’s story, Donahue and filmmaker Ellen Spiro embarked on documenting the veteran’s transition to a [...]