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ToDo ToDay: “Femininity Beyond Archetypes,” Priests, and St. Vincent

In much of her work, Colombian raised photographer and designer Natalia Arias challenges traditional cultural tropes of beauty, sexuality, and general propriety. Her series Taboo includes “Beauty” (shown), a pristine mannequin head that’s perfectly made up but completely bald, as well as “Corazon Roto,” a photo of a woman’s chest divided by a thick pink [...]

Arts Roundup: Ingenuity Edition

The man stabbed outside of a Dupont nightclub has died. [NBC4]
Dave Eggers, St. Vincent, and Doug Aitken among hipster recipients of Smithsonian Magazine's second annual Ingenuity Awards. [AP]
Rock the Bells organizer Chang Weisberg tells us what we already know about why the festival was canceled in D.C. this fall. [Arts Desk]
Wondering where critical reviews are [...]

Photos: David Byrne & St. Vincent @ Strathmore Music Center

David Byrne doesn't box himself in: His work with The Talking Heads was foundational to art rock and post punk; he composed music for choreographer Twyla Tharp and dance company Ultima Vez; he started Luaka Bop, a label dedicated to music from across the globe; he's made visual art; he's written books, most recently How Music Works [...]

Listen: St. Vincent and Shudder to Think’s Craig Wedren Cover Fleetwood Mac

Tracks from this compilation of indie-famous Fleetwood Mac covers keep trickling out like so many sweat beads dripping from Lindsey Buckingham's afro. (Gawd, I bet U.S. Royalty would kill to be on this thing.) But nothing from the album has grabbed me as hard as Craig Wedren and St. Vincent's gloss on "Sisters of the Moon." No [...]

Photos: St. Vincent @ 9:30 Club

Annie Clark, aka St. Vincent, played to a sold-out 9:30 Club last night, pairing her ethereal voice with off-kilter indie-pop melodies full of sometimes-frantic beats and a bass sound so big it would have made Chuck D jealous. From the start of "Surgeon" to the finale of "Your Lips are Red," she had the crowd in the [...]

St. Vincent’s Strange Mercy, Reviewed

If it's hard to consider St. Vincent's Strange Mercy a misstep—its ideas are too strong, its resolve too robust—it's still easy enough to hear it as a failure to build on the foundations laid down on the first two records by the woman known to the taxman as Annie Clark. Maybe a little bit too [...]

Photos: St. Vincent @ 9:30 Club

Annie Clark and St. Vincent have played the D.C. area five times in the past two years, but that didn't stop them from packing the 9:30 Club last night. The highlight was the encore, featuring a solo rendition of "Paris Is Burning" and a noisy, chaotic version of "Your Lips Are Red." Setlist and more [...]

Virgin Mobile FreeFest: “You Can’t Complain When It’s Free”

When that is the most common thing one hears said about a concert, it would seem to indicate that something was left to be desired. It was a stroke of PR genius to make this year's version of the Virgin Festival completely free, after it became clear that the lineup was not going to live [...]

Photos: St. Vincent @ Black Cat

Bobby's got the recap, here it is in photographic form. My only verbal addition is that this show, while very good, reinforced my impression that the Black Cat is a terrible place for quiet music. If I enjoyed Annie Clark and company's show last year at the Rock & Roll Hotel more, it [...]

St. Vincent at Black Cat

Annie Clark of St. Vincent has two stage presences:  she is either wide-eyed, with an expressionless, impenetrable stare or releases her limbs into a musical collapse, swaying in unity with her guitar but being someplace else entirely. Her set Friday night at the Black Cat oscillated between these two energies, delicate stoicism and cathartic commotion.