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Photos: Hemlines at St. Stephen’s

Hemlines at St. Stephens, June 14th.

Sweating to the (Punk Rock) Oldies at Ian MacKaye’s 50th Birthday

So, what'd you miss at local punk godfather Ian MacKaye's super secret 50th birthday party at St. Stephen's? WTOP's Neal Augenstein has an anonymously sourced report (and some pictures to boot):
The party was thrown Saturday night by Amy Farina—MacKaye's wife and bandmate in The Evens, and Jeff Nelson—MacKaye's former bandmate in Minor Threat and co-owner of [...]

Photos: Scream @ St. Stephen’s Church

Thanks to Bailey's Crossroads hardcore legends Scream, I went to punk-rock church Saturday evening. The band, on a bill that included Beasts of No Nation, Mobius Strip, and Outlook, closed out a Positive Force benefit for DC Jobs with Justice at St. Stephen's Church. Scream's set was a mix of old and new—with the latter coming from [...]

Where Am I Rocking? The D.C. Rock Venue Decision Tree!

It’s a confusing time to be a D.C. concert-goer. The Fillmore Silver Spring has invaded the established order. DIY spaces flicker and fade like so many lightning bugs. Perhaps you’ve had one too many drinks. If you find yourself at a rock concert and you can’t remember where exactly you are, this might help.

Illustration by [...]

A Talk With Tom Moniz of Rad Dad

The zine community and the parental community usually don't mix. It's not common to see a happy family strolling through a zine convention—and that's a shame. After all, the anarchist/punk/revolutionary community is full of good parents. Take zinester, teacher, anarchist, and father Tom Moniz, who has produced 20 issues of the zine Rad Dad in the last [...]

A Girl Can Do What She Wants to Do: A Look Back at C.L.I.T. Fest D.C.

"Why can't I just be myself?"
This is a question that's posed near the end of Amy Oden's documentary From the Back of the Room. It's spoken by Bratmobile co-founder and on-again-off-again D.C. resident Allison Wolfe, but the film—which screened last night at the Black Cat to conclude the feminist punk gathering C.L.I.T. Fest—suggests it's something [...]

The Reliable Force: Following Tumult, Positive Force Finds Stability in Its New Home

Not surprisingly, Mark Andersen’s office contains one wall covered in band fliers. They bear familiar names—Fugazi, Velocity Girl, Sonic Youth—and familiar imagery—raised fists and mohawks and lightning bolts striking the Capitol dome.
But there is one unexpected thing about them: Carefully gridded at the insistence of Andersen’s wife, they’re probably the least chaotic assemblage of punk-show [...]

This Weekend: More Positive Force Events than You Can Shake a Frayed Copy of Dance of Days At

"This weekend will be one of the busiest weekends in Positive Force history," says Mark Andersen, the co-founder of the punk-rock activist group which this year turns 25.
No kidding. Tonight at 6:30 p.m. at Affinity Lab in Adams Morgan, Anderson is showing classic D.C.-punk footage he collected while writing the book Dance of Days. And [...]