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A Brief History of Max Levine Ensemble Music Videos

A timeline of The Max Levine Ensemble, in videos

There Was Big Gay News Today, So Listen to Some Queer D.C. Music

Listen to some good music made by D.C. queers and bands with LGBTQ members.

Photos of Spoonboy’s Last-Ever Show, at the Black Cat

Did it feel like prom? Maybe, but with a little more "fuck the gender binary."

David Combs Bids a Final Adieu To Spoonboy

On the day of his last show as Spoonboy, Combs chats about the early days of folk punk and the influence of D.C.’s DIY scene on his music.

David Combs Will Play His Final Show as Spoonboy on June 4

"Talking about the same intense thing at every show for weeks or sometimes months was driving me a little crazy.”

ToDo ToDay: The Past, Saintseneca, and Restaurant Week

“We have to forget,” a man tells his lover in The Past, Iranian writer/director Asghar Farhadi’s follow-up to his 2012 Oscar winner, A Separation. The woman responds, “Is that possible?” Probably not with this modern family. Marie (Berenice Bejo) is a Frenchwoman who asks her ex, Ahmad (Ali Mosaffa), to travel from his native Iran to sign [...]

ToDo ToDay: Michael Borek! CSS!

As a teenager in Prague, Michael Borek recalls seeing "a one-armed man in a shabby coat schlepping a tripod and a large-view camera." It was Josef Sudek, a celebrated Czech photographer. Borek bought a book of his images and immediately fell in love. Now, decades later, Borek is mounting an exhibition of works that pay [...]

Skank and File: An Oral History of D.C. Ska

Strike up a conversation with 70 percent of this town’s 20- to 30-something punk rockers, and they’ll probably tell you they grew up with hardcore or emo. Talk to the other 30 percent, and they’ll say it was ska.
Most folks probably remember ska from the brief time when trumpet-toting dudes in plaid suits and pork-pie [...]

Holy Gender Politics, Batman! How a D.C. Punk’s Music Video Sparked an Identity Controversy

The Gay Issue

At the D.C. Eagle, 42 years of leather daddies and good vibes
Meet Ruby Corado, D.C.'s most persistent trans activist
How the gay theater movement became mainstream
Your most fabulous Pride Week ever

It was the shot Tumbld ’round the world.
A scene in a music video, “Sexy Dreams,” showed a young man in a wig wrapping his [...]

Dad Rock: Spoonboy Discusses The Papas

The man behind The Max Levine Ensemble's politically conscious pop punk is putting out a new solo record. In fact, you can already grab Spoonboy's newest record, The Papas (as well as acoustic versions of the same songs), for free online. After several weeks of touring, Spoonboy is bringing the record to life tonight at The Black [...]