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ToDo ToDay: Bottled Cocktails! Tracks Reunion!

The Ninety Miles project wasn’t just about the three American musicians involved with it and the fact that they traveled to Cuba to lay down some tracks. Really, it was a recording-studio summit between saxophonist David Sánchez, trumpeter Christian Scott, vibraphonist Stefon Harris, and Havana-based pianists Rember Duharte and Harold Lopez-Nussa, made possible by recently [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: Emily White, Ai Weiwei, and Ben Affleck

Lindsay Zoladz has this week's cover story with a profile of Emily White, the 21-year-old American University student and former NPR intern who became an unlikely Internet lightning rod this summer when she wrote about how she barely buys music. Kriston Capps leads the arts section with a review of the Hirshhorn Museum's elegant, weirdly [...]

The Water Engine at Spooky Action, Reviewed

What if a car could run on water? The possibility exists in the garage of working-class inventor Charles Lang, as imagined by David Mamet in The Water Engine. This "American fable," as the play is subtitled, is set during the Great Depression around the time of Chicago's World's Fair, and follows Lang's efforts to to patent his revolutionary [...]

Spooky Action Theater Receives $1.6 Million of Stuff

Life just got a lot easier for Spooky Action Theater. The frequently experimental troupe announced this morning that it's received a $1.6 million gift—in stuff.
A donor has given Spooky Action a collection of paintings, prints, antiques, furniture, and other items—and extended the small troupe a valuable lifeline. Artistic Director Richard Henrich says the more valuable [...]

Theater Asides: Under-the-Breath Mutterings About Festivals, Seasons, Venues And Such

Noted, briefly, and more or less in passing:

Do you want your theaters to treat you like the airlines do? Some of them think it's a good idea. Not everyone agrees. (But the argument at that first link? It's from a guy at Arena Stage. Hmmm.)
The peripatetic Spooky Action Theater has found itself a home: Richard [...]